Beryl Li

Beryl Li

Co-Founder & COO
Yield Guild Games



Beryl is a co-founder at Yield Guild Games. She previously founded asset token platform, CapchainX. She was Entrepreneur in Residence at, a crypto exchange and payments startup acquired by GoJEk. Her experiences include backtesting fx trading algorithms at BlackRock London and product owning an investment platform at Unionbank PH where she currently sits as Advisor to its digital bank. She authored the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups and started her career in early stage Venture Capital in Shanghai in 2012.  Beryl holds a Master of Finance degree from Cambridge University.

The NFT Discussion
NFTs are popping up everywhere and are heading to games. While investors are bullish on the future of NFTs, many game developers remain skeptical. Will NFTs do great things for our players and our games, or will they be a passing fad? Do players even want this? How will they impact gameplay? How will they impact our business models?  

Recalling the debate and distrust around microtransactions over a decade ago, Min Kim will lead a panel of experts from the investment, product, and play-to-earn community to explore this new frontier.