Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter

Managing Director
Equity Research
Wedbush Securities

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.wedbush.com/

Michael Pachter is an equity research analyst at Wedbush Securities, providing coverage of the Entertainment Software, Entertainment Retail, Social Internet, E-Commerce, and Movies & Entertainment sectors for the last 20 years. He also hosts one of the most significant and highly-regarded industry events during the annual E3 conference.  

Previously, Michael spent two years as the Director of Research at Wedbush Securities. Before joining Wedbush Securities, he served as the Director at Management Resource Center, a middle-market investment bank. Before that, Michael spent 15 years in various financial and management positions at Atlantic Richfield Company, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning. Michael has been recognized as StarMine’s Top Earnings Estimator year after year and Best on the Street by the Wall Street Journal.  

Michael holds an M.B.A. from the Anderson School at the University of California at Los Angeles, a Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University, an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Florida, and a bachelor’s in Political Science from California State University, Northridge. 

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