Roger Hector

Roger Hector

VP Development

Namco Bandai Games

Characters in Games 

With over 30 years of designing and managing development of over 100 games that have collectively generated over $1Billion in sales, Roger Hector has been recognized as a Key Individual in the Development of the Games Industry by the CGE, and been called an Industry Leading Pioneer.

With a BS degree in Industrial Design, Mr. Hector started creating games for Atari in 1976. He worked on numerous classic games including Warlords™, and Battle Zone™, and later as Corporate Manager of Advanced Products, he led Corporate R&D creating new technologies and products including the first holographic Cosmos TM game system.

In 1982, Mr. Hector co-founded Sente Technologies, which produced over 20 coin operated games, and was later purchased by Bally Corp. Roger later joined Electronic Arts as the Executive Producer overseeing all of EA’s Sports & Action games during the late 1980s including PGA Tour TM, and John Madden FootballTM.

In 1989, Mr. Hector joined the Walt Disney Software Company as Director of Product Development and produced over 20 successful entertainment and education Disney game titles for PC, Nintendo and Sega consoles including Mickey’s Castle of Illusion TM.

In 1993, Mr. Hector joined Sega of America as VP/General Manager of the Sega Technical Institute where he managed Sega’s premier development group: Team Sonic (creators of the Sonic the Hedgehog series), and other award winning Genesis and coin-op titles.

In 1996 he became President of the Digital Arts Division of Universal Studios, where he established and directed internal game development based on Universal’s properties.

Additionally, Mr. Hector has had wide ranging interests in blending and blurring the lines between entertainment, engineering, business, and art. He co-founded Enterprise Broadcasting Corp., which combined high definition digital theater technology with mall-based commercial and internet retailing. He also founded Anteros Coachworks Inc. producing high performance carbon fiber sports cars of his design.

Currently, Mr. Hector is Vice President of Product Development for Namco Bandai Games America, where he oversees both internal and external development of all products created in North America by this industry leader. This includes creating and launching new IP on all next generation platforms as well as positioning the company for leadership into the future.  

Through his career, Mr. Hector has opened new markets with new ideas, hit products, and new technologies. His creative & entrepreneurial spirit and vision have kept him squarely on the leading edge of interactive entertainment.