Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley

Contributing Writer

Business 2.0

Geoff Keighley is one of the leading journalists covering the videogame and technology industries. A contributing writer to both Business 2.0 and Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Keighley has been heralded as the “dean of the gaming press.” In 2001 the Wall Street Journal called him an “example of gaming journalism growing up.” Keighley, who has covered the videogame industry for 12 years, is also a correspondent on the popular television show Electric Playground (produced for MTV Canada and G4TV). He serves as a contributing editor to, home to his acclaimed “Behind the Games” series of feature articles, and also as the co-chairman of the Game Critics Awards, an independent group that presents the “Best of E3” awards. Over the years his work has appeared in various publications including PREMIERE, Rolling Stone, MTV Magazine and The Boston Globe. Based in Pacific Palisades, CA, Keighley is a magna cum laude graduate from the University of Southern California. Most of his work is accessible through his website,

Keighley moderated the "Turning Back the Sands of Time: Reinventing the Prince of Persia" panel.