Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley

Contributing Writer

Business 2.0

Geoff Keighley is one of the leading journalists covering the videogame and technology industries. A contributing writer to both Business 2.0 and Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Keighley has been heralded as the �dean of the gaming press.� In 2001 the Wall Street Journal called him an �example of gaming journalism growing up.� Keighley, who has covered the videogame industry for 12 years, is also a correspondent on the popular television show Electric Playground (produced for MTV Canada and G4TV). He serves as a contributing editor to, home to his acclaimed �Behind the Games� series of feature articles, and also as the co-chairman of the Game Critics Awards, an independent group that presents the �Best of E3� awards. Over the years his work has appeared in various publications including PREMIERE, Rolling Stone, MTV Magazine and The Boston Globe. Based in Pacific Palisades, CA, Keighley is a magna cum laude graduate from the University of Southern California. Most of his work is accessible through his website,

Keighley moderated the "Turning Back the Sands of Time: Reinventing the Prince of Persia" panel.