Blair Durkee

Blair Durkee

Special Consultant for Gaming

Roundtable Leader


Blair Durkee is a transgender woman from South Carolina currently working as special consultant for GLAAD’s media institute and gaming initiatives. Through her work with GLAAD, she has been featured in the New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, The Advocate, Bustle, and MTV Elect This. Her work includes the creation of the Outstanding Video Game category at the GLAAD Media Awards, the formation of GLAAD's Gaming Advisory Council, and the expansion of GLAAD's consulting work on LGBTQ-inclusive titles like Xbox's Tell Me Why, the first ever major studio game to feature a transgender protagonist. As a lifelong gamer, Blair is passionate about harnessing the power of video games to create a better world for LGBTQ people.

Embracing Your LGBTQIA+ Players!
In this roundtable, we will be joined by experts from GLAAD on an active discussion on how best to engage, support, and grow your LGBTQIA+ audience. From great character design, to story, to effective ways to communicate genuinely via marketing and social media, this roundtable is a no holds barred honest discussion on how to truly embrace this fast growing but often ignored segment of gaming.