Jeonghee Jin

Jeonghee Jin

Pearl Abyss America

Roundtable Leader


Jeonghee "JJ" Jin has built Pearl Abyss America with team members who are passionate about gaming and the work they do. She uses her expertise in international business, strategy, and business development every day to strengthen our team not only in North and South America, but globally.

Exploring Gaming's Influence on Globalization
Once thought to be primarily influenced by travel, the internet, and mobile phones, for years video games have become a major player in globalization. Video games today create interconnectivity through strategy, competition, and forging long-distance friendships - and marriages - by allowing people around the globe to be of the virtual world through games without borders.  

However, not all games will become an international phenomenon. Success on a global level requires not just making a good game but also a great live service, marketing, communication, and connection with the player base. How can game developers put forth a product they love while still connecting to the masses with differing tastes, playing habits, and cultural differences?  

The discussion will open up experiences and challenges as well as the importance of navigating and negotiating the obstacles when connecting a world through video games.