Matt Karch

Matt Karch

CEO and Co-Founder
Saber Interactive

Roundtable Leader


Since 2001, Matt Karch has served as Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Saber Interactive, a game development company with studios in multiple locations across the globe and known for its hit titles like World War Z and NBA Playgrounds. Matt has extensive experience in game design and development, business and legal affairs and is fluent in Russian. In 2020 Saber was acquired by Embracer Group, and Matt is now part of Embracer’s Board of Directors.

The Acquisition Frenzy
There was more than $30b spent on acquiring videogame-related companies in 2021. The pace of M&A only seems to accelerate, with the best game developers commanding high valuations. In this roundtable, Matt Karch, CEO of Saber, a studio with experience both being acquired by Embracer as well as acquiring 14 studios, will be moderating what is sure to be a spirited conversation about one of the hottest topics in the games industry. This includes exploring questions such as the highs and lows of acquisition and discussing various perspectives on if this frenzy is good or bad for the industry.