Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Creative Director
Strange Scaffold

Roundtable Leader

Website: http://strangescaffold.com/

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a BAFTA-nominated studio head, narrative director, and writer, with dozens of titles under his belt including Reigns: Beyond, Hypnospace Outlaw, An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and El Paso, Elsewhere. He also makes strides in a burgeoning storytelling career outside of games, with releases such as the cult hit comic Sherlock Holmes Hunts the Moth Man.

Joy-Based Development Processes
We stand on the edge of an opportunity to change our production processes, development tools, and funding methodologies to make better games, with lower human and monetary cost than ever before. What factors of our current market allow for this growth and change? How can studios enable unique creative voices, while efficiently working towards a unified vision for a project? When the market conditions of our medium move faster than ever, how can prioritizing developer health and joy be a simultaneous source of security? We'll discuss these questions and more, while sharing the strategies we're already investigating for building better games, as well as a better industry.