Leanne Loombe

Leanne Loombe

Head of External Game Development

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.netflix.com/

Leanne started making games over 18 years ago in the UK working on titles such as Scrabble, Risk and Magic the Gathering. After working for a 3rd party publishing division in Japan for a couple of years, she returned to the UK and joined Electronic Arts as Senior Producer. It was here that Leanne married her love for cars and games by heading up multiple Need for Speed titles including leading the transition to a community run live service. She then went on to create and head up Riot Forge - the 3rd party publishing division of Riot Games, making a variety of League of Legends story games. Leanne is currently at Netflix heading up external game development and helping to change the way we play games through Netflix. Leanne is a passionate ambassador for Women In Game and focuses on encouraging women to join the industry and creating diversity in teams through mentorship, panels, and events.

How do you stay true to the core of your IP when venturing into new mediums?
Successful IPs are deep and thoughtful because fans are attracted to universes that become part of their life, ones they can resonate with. However when moving into different forms of entertainment there is a risk that the IP becomes diluted or not represented correctly, we have seen this with more than a few blockbuster movies that are created from gaming IP. How do you ensure the IP is designed thoughtfully and deliberately so that it continues to respect the audience's time and rewards the most engaged fans?