N'Gai Croal

N'Gai Croal

General Editor


N'Gai Croal was promoted to general editor in December 1999. He has written about technology since he came to Newsweek in February 1995 as an associate editor. He has written extensively about video games, the MP3 phenomenon and the growing popularity of handheld computers. As a contributor to the weekly Cyberscope section, Croal has reviewed many of the latest Web sites, digital cameras, mobile phones, computer peripherals, MP3 players, CD-ROMs, toys joysticks and video games. He also writes for the magazine's Arts and Entertainment section, where he has covered everything from the eye-popping special effects in "The Matrix" to the success of rock n' rap performers like Eminem and Kid Rock. His work has also appeared in The Washington Post, Details, The Source, Momentum and Theater Week. Before coming to Newsweek, Croal was a producer at Digital Ink, The Washington Post's first online service, from June 1994 to February 1995. In his spare time, Croal also directs and produces Off-Off-Broadway theater.

Croal earned a B.A. from Stanford University. Croal moderated the "Targeting Tomorrow's Consumer Today" panel.