Jennifer Yan

Jennifer Yan

Co-Founder and General Partner

Transcend Ventures

Video Game Funding for the Future

Venture Capitalists. Mergers & acquisitions. Crowdsourcing. Publishers.  So many options, and each coming with its own sets of pros, cons and headaches.  These days there really are a surplus of options, but which is the best course for your company?  Meet and chat with a panel of funding experts who have seen it all and put their money where their… gaming system of choice is.  In this candid conversation amongst peers, hear their war stories, near misses and catastrophic failures.  But don’t fear– there will be plenty of stories about a couple happy coincidences and big, million dollar pay-outs too!


Jennifer Yan is co-founder and General Partner of Transcend Ventures, a newly formed early stage VC fund with a focus on digital media and entertainment technology based in San Francisco.  The fund has invested in companies such as Cloud9, Manticore Games and Plexchat.  Jennifer was previously a Partner with Steamboat Ventures Asia, a digital media focused venture fund affiliated with Disney, based in Shanghai.  Jennifer led investments in YY (Nasdaq:YY), Youxigu (acquired by Tencent) and FunPlus.  She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.