Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey



Video Game Funding for the Future

Venture Capitalists. Mergers & acquisitions. Crowdsourcing. Publishers.  So many options, and each coming with its own sets of pros, cons and headaches.  These days there really are a surplus of options, but which is the best course for your company?  Meet and chat with a panel of funding experts who have seen it all and put their money where their… gaming system of choice is.  In this candid conversation amongst peers, hear their war stories, near misses and catastrophic failures.  But don’t fear– there will be plenty of stories about a couple happy coincidences and big, million dollar pay-outs too!


Justin is the CEO of Fig, a community publisher based out of San Francisco, where fans can fund games and earn returns from their sales. Justin previously served as the Chief Operating Officer at Double Fine Productions, Inc., where he helped publish a variety of premium, free-to-play, and mobile games, such as Broken Age (formerly known as Double Fine Adventures), Massive Chalice, and the relaunch of Grim Fandango. He has also established a new independent publishing label called “Double Fine Presents” which is focuses on helping indies.