Shane Kim

Shane Kim

Corporate VP

Microsoft Game Studios

20 Questions 

As the corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim oversees a team of more than 1,100 programmers, designers, artists and producers developing a broad range of first-party Xbox 360 and Microsoft Games for Windows titles from Microsoft Game Studios.

In this role, Kim oversees the production of the highly anticipated first-party Xbox 360 titles �Halo 3,� �Fable 2,� �Forza Motorsport 2,� �Viva Piñata,� �Gears of War,� �Alan Wake,� �Mass Effect,� �Too Human,� �Shadowrun� and �Crackdown.� He also oversees the production of upcoming Games for Windows titles such as �Halo 2� for Windows Vista, �Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs,� �Shadowrun� and �Flight Simulator X.� Kim also manages the development of casual gaming content from the Microsoft Casual Games group, which spans MSN Games, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Mobile and Xbox Live Arcade. In 2005 he led the production of the award-winning �Age of Empires III,� which has become the fastest-selling title in the franchise’s history, as well as landmark Xbox 360 launch titles �Project Gotham Racing 3,� �Perfect Dark Zero� and �Kameo: Elements of Power.� Under his direction, Microsoft Game Studios has been ranked in the top three on the list of top 20 publishers in the industry by Game Developer magazine for 2004 and 2005.

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