Rachel Weber

Rachel Weber

Senior News Editor


How to Launch Your Game to the Press in 1 Million Easy Steps 

Publishers and studios will often complain about press. Press will often complain about publishers and studios. Do these folks ever talk? Now here’s their chance. Join this group of seasoned professionals to hear what they loved and hated about some of their most memorable game and product launches. Expect an honest and frank discussion of what to do and what to avoid! 


Rachel Weber has been writing about games for ten years, and is currently the senior news editor for GamesRadar+ in San Francisco. Originally from the UK, she got her start on Official PlayStation Magazine at Future where wrote news, features and reviews, dressed up as Alma from F.E.A.R. and was forced to learn to rap. Ready for something new she joined GamesIndustry.biz in 2011 to investigate the serious side of the games industry. A move to San Francisco in 2014 gave her the chance to meet bunch of smart people, and work on Rolling Stone's brilliant but ultimately ill-fated Glixel experiment. Last year she returned to Future, where they promised she wouldn't have to rap ever again.