Caroline Stokes

Caroline Stokes


FORWARD + The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

The New Diversity Frontier

Diversity is the biggest buzzword at the moment, and to be frank it scares a lot of companies and people. Many companies are now citing diversity as a central focus to their mission, but it may not be something that is easily implemented without the right guidance and structure.   For those of you who have the intention of hiring diverse teams but need to know the important ingredients for success, or are not seeing results, or faltered in the process so far – this panel will be your short-cut to building the most important part of your company - diverse humans bringing diverse games for a diverse audience. Join these group of dynamic panelists to get the inside look on what strategies really work, any potential pitfalls and what data points translate to successful diversity hiring. 


Caroline Stokes is an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, and certified EQ.2.0 trainer, for global technology and entertainment innovation leaders, including Autodesk, Microsoft, EA, Disney, the BBC, Amazon and Google.

Caroline draws from her previous experiences as executive headhunter and partner of international search firm Natural Selection, and from her time working in media relations and product strategy for PlayStation, Nokia and Virgin across North America, Europe and APAC.

During that time, Caroline was appalled to discover how the recruitment ecosystem was broken: from talent evolving their leadership and career journey, to recruiters lacking EQ that impacts employer brand, through to companies poor first 100 days management when their highly sought after unicorn joins.

In 2013, Caroline founded FORWARD, the first executive search and coaching firm to incorporate executive coaching to talent seeking new work or leadership development (ICF article), plus first 100 days coaching to all talent placements, to expedite success for both new employee and organization (Emotional Intelligence Training Company article)

In 2017, Caroline founded The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter training platform, and hosts the podcast to help recruiters, leaders who hire and HR evolve their human strategies n the AI age.