Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan

Managing Director

Interactive Studio Management

The New Diversity Frontier

Diversity is the biggest buzzword at the moment, and to be frank it scares a lot of companies and people. Many companies are now citing diversity as a central focus to their mission, but it may not be something that is easily implemented without the right guidance and structure.   For those of you who have the intention of hiring diverse teams but need to know the important ingredients for success, or are not seeing results, or faltered in the process so far – this panel will be your short-cut to building the most important part of your company - diverse humans bringing diverse games for a diverse audience. Join these group of dynamic panelists to get the inside look on what strategies really work, any potential pitfalls and what data points translate to successful diversity hiring. 


Katie Morgan is Managing Director of Interactive Studio Management, LLC. 

With over 25 years in video game publishing, distribution and middleware, Katie uses her strategic thinking, big picture perspective and attention to detail to drive success with ISM’s clients. Navigation of the organizational issues related to start-up, sale, and acquisition has been a key part of her experience. Her understanding of human and organizational behavior, game theory and risk management, incentive systems and negotiation lends insight to the guidance ISM provides its clients. With an engineering degree from Cornell and an MBA from Stanford, Katie has worked with publicly traded companies, venture-backed companies, and privately held start-ups, headlined by Procter and Gamble, Apple Computer, Time Warner, and now ISM.