Tanya Watson

Tanya Watson



Tanya Watson grew up in the small town of Spanaway, WA, where the family had not a lot of expendable income. At the age of 6, she somehow persuaded her mom that all dad wanted for Christmas was an NES. She will never forget her dad�s excitement when he saw this box under the tree and didn�t notice his disappointment when he opened it to find that it was not the drill set that he wanted, but instead, an NES. Tanya would like to thank her mom - her future was powered by her dad�s disappointment.� This decision put Tanya on a path of playing and loving the types of games she would eventually work on; first landing a sweet gig as a tester in the RPG group at Microsoft and then parlaying into production at Epic Games after working as a test-lead on Gears of War. Over the next ten years, she worked her way up from Associate Producer to Executive Producer on Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite. Now, as COO of Squanchtendo, she is the ultimate generalist: Producer, marketer, PR manager, HR, QA, Janitor, and whatever gaps need to be filled in order to make great games in VR.