Sid Meier

Sid Meier

Co-Founder & Director of Creative Development

Firaxis Games

Often regarded as “The Godfather of Computer Gaming,” Sid Meier is a Co-Founder and Director of Creative Development at Firaxis Games, where he and his dynamic team are responsible for delivering some of the world’s most heralded strategy games. A thirty-plus-year industry veteran, Sid started his legendary career as a founding partner of MicroProse Software in 1982, where he created widely-renowned games such as Silent Service, F-15 Strike Eagle, Civilization, Pirates!and Railroad Tycoon. Over the last three decades since, he has played an influential role in establishing strategy games as a cornerstone of video gaming - and in 1999, was recognized as the second person to ever be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science's "Hall of Fame" for Lifetime Achievement. In 2002, Sid was also honored with an induction into the Computer Museum of America's Hall of Fame, located in San Diego, CA.