Gilman Louie

Gilman Louie


Alsop Louie Partners

Gilman Louie is a partner of Alsop Louie Partners, a venture capital fund focused on helping entrepreneurs start companies. He is also the founder and first CEO of In-Q-Tel, a private nonprofit venture capital firm that invests in private companies on behalf of a wide range of United States intelligence agencies. Before founding In-Q-Tel, he ran a publicly traded company called Spectrum HoloByte which ultimately was acquired by Hasbro Corporation, where he served as chief creative officer of Hasbro Interactive and general manager of the He serves as a member of the board of directors of the Markle Foundation and is chairman of the board of the Federation of American Scientists. Gilman is also an advisor to the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group to the United States Senate Intelligence Committee.