Feargus Urquhart

Feargus Urquhart

President and CEO

Obsidian Entertainment

As the President and CEO of Obsidian Entertainment for almost a decade, Feargus manages the business operations of the company and oversees the company's development efforts. Prior to Obsidian Entertainment, Feargus founded Black Isle Studios, an internal development studio at Interplay Entertainment focused on Role-Play Games in 1996 after working at Interplay Entertainment in various positions starting in 1991 as a playtester. Through the management of both externally and internally developed products, Black Isle Studios earned retail revenue in excess of $375M in his seven years of leading the division. Across his career, Feargus has also worked with a number of external developers including Silicon and Synapse (later known as Blizzard Entertainment), BioWare Corp., and Snowblind Studios. Across his entire career, Feargus’ name can be found in the credits of over fifty published products including the Baldur's Gate series, the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series, Planescape: Torment, the Icewind Dale series, the Neverwinter Nights series, Fallout: New Vegas,Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, and the original Fallout PC Games in which he filled the role of Lead Designer on Fallout 2.