Julie Uhrman

Julie Uhrman



Julie Uhrman is a video game entrepreneur. She is founder and CEO of OUYA -�‐-�‐ an�innovative gaming console that enables any developer to publish a console game by bringing the�mobile app model to the TV. OUYA is a powerful, beautifully designed, open and inexpensive�alternative to traditional game consoles.��

Julie started in the game business ten years ago. Before launching OUYA, she held several executive�roles with video game companies such as GameFly, IGN (where she led digital distribution and�business development) and Vivendi Universal.��

Julie loves to play games: she plays platformers, 3rd person shooters and she loves playing games�on a TV. But the last few years, she's played more on mobile phones, because that's where the�action's been. She wants to go back to playing on a TV.��

By combining a classic console format with the ease-�‐of-�‐access of open mobile SDKs, Julie�seeks to make OUYA the open pathway for all developers � AAA and indie alike � to�bring their craft to the world.�