Nicholas Beliaeff

Nicholas Beliaeff

Senior Vice President of Development

Trion Worlds

Nicholas Beliaeff is Senior Vice President of Development for Trion Worlds, where he oversees all product development for the company. At Trion, Beliaeff is tasked with growing the company’s portfolio of games via internal studios as well as managing external development relationships. Beliaeff is focused on broadening the MMO market and extending massively social online games into new genres and directions. Beliaeff joined Trion with almost 20 years of experience creating some of the most well-known titles in the video game business, with a focus on Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs). Beliaeff served as San Diego studio head for Sony Online Entertainment, building the console division and launching new IPs and operating popular franchises like EverQuest & UntoId Legends while overseeing a staff of more than 200 people. Beliaeff also served as Vice President of Product Development at The 3DO Company, where he secured the Major League Baseball and Players Association licenses for the High Heat Baseball franchise, and entered into internet gaming with Meridian 59. Beliaeff also led all third party development at Strategic Simulations, Inc.