Tom Wujec

Tom Wujec

Leading Developer


Host of: A Visual Fight Club 

Tom Wujec is a Fellow at Autodesk, the leading developer of professional 2D and 3D digital graphic technologies, where he works with Fortune 500 leadership teams to foster design innovation and visual collaboration. Tom has a unique role of cross-fertilizing innovation practices between diverse industries. With rare access to the design studios of consumer product, automotive, visual effects and video game companies, he leads a variety of initiatives to 'make work visible.'  Tom is author of three books on creative thinking, imagination and innovation. Pumping Ions: Games and Exercises to Flex the Mind, published by Doubleday in 1988 is an international best-seller with over 250,000 copies in print and published in over 15 languages. Five Star Mind: Games and Exercises to Stimulate the Imagination is also a best-seller, publishing in 10 languages. With his wife, he co-authored Return on Imagination: Realizing the Power of Ideas, published by the Financial Times. Prior to moving to the private sector, Tom served as a creative director and digital animator for several cultural institutions. He has produced over 40 major interactive exhibits displayed in North America and Europe museums, including the Louvre, Institute of the Arab World, the National Galleries in London and Washington and the Royal Ontario Museum. His exhibits range from IMAX-sized interactive simulation of walking dinosaurs to visualizations of precious gems, reconstructions of medieval astronomical instruments, and the evolution of Cambrian life. Tom also worked as a writer, producer and lecturer at the McLaughlin Planetarium, producing dozens of feature-length science documentaries.