David Edery

David Edery


Spry Fox

David Edery is the CEO of Spry Fox, a game development studio focused on making the world a happier place. Spry Fox has developed/co-developed several hit games, including Steambirds, Triple Town, and Realm of the Mad God. Spry Fox is currently developing several new, original titles, including Steambirds 2, Leap Day, Highgrounds, and Panda Poet (mobile edition). 

Prior to starting Spry Fox, David was the Worldwide Games Portfolio Manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service. David is also the co-author of Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business – a review of the ways that games are helping companies to connect with customers, to attract, train, and motivate employees, and to boost their productivity. Finally, David is presently a regular business columnist for Game Developer Magazine. 

David received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he concentrated on marketing and entrepreneurship, and his BA in English and American Literature at Brandeis University.