David Ting

David Ting

General Manager of eSports and Vice President of Research & Development\

IGN Entertainment

David was appointed General Manager of eSports and Vice President of Research & Development for IGN Entertainment in July 2011.  Before taking on this new role, David was the Vice President of Engineering for IGN, responsible for managing the engineering team that develops the ign.com site.

During his tenure at IGN, David has been integral in rebuilding IGN’s technical infrastructure and, more recently, launching the company’s eSports program, the IGN Pro League (IPL), a gaming competitive gaming league created to help legitimize video gaming as a profession. Since its launch in April 2011, the IGN Pro League has become one of the premier eSports leagues in North America.

Prior to joining IGN, David held a senior engineering role at Yahoo!, where he managed the engineering team that made Yahoo! Music one of the most popular internet destinations.  While at Yahoo!, David led his team to build an online Music experience for millions of end users and brought significant revenue to Yahoo!'s bottom line.

Before joining Yahoo in 2007, David was the Senior Director of Engineering for Entriq, where he was responsible for the development of the security, billing, care and content publishing product lines. He helped the company establish a new Digital Stores product line and strategy, which brought in over 70% of the company's revenue in 2005 and 2006.

Earlier, he served as the Director of Engineering at Movielink for over two years and was responsible the development of the Movielink site, ecommerce engine, Content Management System, Content Distribution Network and the Digital Rights Management technology. He helped grow the Movielink service from inception to one of the top video-on-demand services on the internet.

Previously, David was the Senior Director of Engineering for BayLogics, which was one of the leading providers of commercial real estate management software for Fortune 500 companies. He also worked as the Director of Engineering at AltaVista, where he managed the development of a popular ecommerce search and shopping network, shopping.com, which experienced over six million page views a day. Previous experience also includes IBM, WiseConnect and Zip2.

During his career, he has received two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM, and earned AltaVista’s Employee of the Year honor in 1999.