David Cage

David Cage


Quantic Dream

David Cage founded Quantic Dream in 1997, with the ambition of using interactivity as a new means of expression. He developed a creative vision based upon emotion, innovation and immersive storytelling. David strongly believes that video games should evolve to become a more mature medium. They should redefine themselves to reach a wider audience and become, if not art, at least a new creative form. 

Over the years, David’s visionary talent allowed him to work with world-class artists such as David Bowie, Angelo Badalamenti (composer of many of David Lynch’s movie scores) and Hampton Fancher (screenwriter of the movie Blade Runner), and to collaborate with the best  publishers and console manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft, Vivendi, Atari or Eidos. 

After his first video game OMIKRON, his next release 2005’s FAHRENHEIT (INDIGO PROPHECY in the US) received worldwide critical acclaim and won several awards. After creating the 1st virtual actor with David Bowie, David Cage went further with THE CASTING in 2006 by bringing to life a virtual actress capable of expressing complex emotions. 

With HEAVY RAIN, a dark thriller produced by Sony, Cage played again with the player’s emotions and continued his exploration of interactive storytelling. The game got both critical acclaim for its innovative and adult concept, and commercial success, selling over 2.3 million units to date. 

Early in 2012, Cage launched a new tech demo called KARA, featuring an android girl with an actress who delivered a stunning acting performance. This short won the � Best Experimental � award at LA SHORTS FEST, the world’s premier short film festival.

Quantic Dream is currently in production on BEYOND, a game written and directed by David Cage, starring actress Ellen Page. The game, produced by Sony exclusively on PlayStation 3, will be released in 2013.