Alex Lieu

Alex Lieu

Chief Creative Officer

42 Entertainment

Alex Lieu is Chief Creative Officer for 42 Entertainment. Responsible for all creative aspects of the player experience, he has served as both creative director and lead designer for 42 Entertainment’s award winning projects including: Flynn Lives (Tron), Why So Serious? (The Dark Knight), Year Zero (NIN) and many others. A Transmedia veteran, Alex specializes in pushing the boundaries of traditional entertainment and social gaming, while blurring the lines of digital and real-world play. “My passion, is creating great stories that jump off the screen and intersects with audiences’ everyday lives.” Raised by comic books, video games, bad television, great movies, and even going outside once in a while, Alex sees his unique approach to entertainment as the amalgamation and evolution of all these elements converging upon the multi-platform world we live in today. “At 42 Entertainment the notion of cross-platform experiences have always been a given. There has never been such a thing to us as entertainment that doesn’t utilize the world as a platform, or impassioned communities to drive stories forward. What others like to label as ARGs, 360 Experiences, or Transmedia, we just consider as today’s natural form of entertainment.”

From leading scores of people to mysterious GPS locations where Batman fans discovered mobile phones buried deep inside Joker-themed birthday cakes for The Dark Knight, to sending players down scary industrial hallways and freight elevators in a dilapidated warehouse leading to an ultra-secret Nine Inch Nails performance - Alex  is constantly searching for new ways to immerse audiences and weave them into fiction. He also specializes in “Eventizing the Web”, creating deep experiences that bring together both online and offline players to work collaboratively across the globe. Alex views Transmedia entertainment as a true art form, and loves seeing innovative storytelling at all levels. “At 42 Entertainment, we believe in creating experiences that engage millions upon millions of people. It’s easy to make a game... Getting people to play is another story altogether.”

Prior to 42 Entertainment, Alex has held roles as the President and Principle Creative of the cross-media agency 3Pin Media, the Vice President of Creative Development at the innovative education technology company Lightspan Inc., a Founder and Creative Director of the interactive agency Mutation Labs, and one of the first dozen people instrumental in the formation of Disney Online.