Jesse Divnich

Jesse Divnich

Vice President


As a Vice President with EEDAR, Mr. Jesse Divnich is responsible for the business development and execution of EEDAR products for the private investment and equity sector.   Prior to joining EEDAR in 2007, Jesse operated as an independent industry consultant and analyst for numerous private firms and institutions with strong financial interests in the interactive entertainment sector.   In addition to contributing to the development of new product lines for EEDAR in the areas of due diligence, risk management and analysis of industry trends, Mr. Divnich also represents EEDAR for the majority of media and press relations activities. A regular on the speaking circuit, Mr. Divnich is most known for his presentations at GDC, Asia Pacific Connect, E3, MIGS, Nordic Game Conference, and many more.
Canadian born, Mr. Divnich has background in Business and Financial Management and currently resides in Carlsbad, CA.