Seamus Blackley

Seamus Blackley


Innovative Leisure

Seamus Blackley understands that the only legitimate use of any computing device is to play games.� After wasting several years smashing atoms and writing obscure equations as a particle physicist, karma caught up with him and sucked him into the game business in the early 1990s.� He has since worked as a programmer, musician, designer, producer, and various types of business managers and suit-types.� During that time he pioneered real-time physical simulation for games, wrote some early interactive musical scores, started a division at Microsoft, arranged a frightening amount of independent game finance, and ran a department in a Hollywood talent agency.� The most fun part of it all, however, is the making games aspect, so that�s what he�s back to now, and talking about it at this year�s D.I.C.E. Summit