David Jaffe

David Jaffe

Game Director/Designer/Co-Founder

Eat Sleep Play

David Jaffe is a video game director/designer originally from Birmingham, Alabama. He is best known as the lead designer, co-writer, and game director of the original God of War and for co-creating and directing the Twisted Metal series. Well, if we're being honest about it: he's actually best known for shooting his loud mouth off about any and everything that comes into his mind, regardless of tact or the ramifications to his career. But underneath the bluster, he's really a dang nice guy. He likes kids and dogs and cries pretty much every single time during the hospital scene in Terms of Endearment. So there's that. Also: he worked for Sony Playstation for 13 years before leaving to start game development studio Eat Sleep Play with Twisted Metal co-creator Scott Campbell. Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play have just finished up Sony's newest Playstation 3 title Twisted Metal, which launches on Valentine's Day. 'So wait, Jaffe's a romantic too?' you ask. Clearly.