Dr. Richard Marks

Dr. Richard Marks

Senior Researcher, SCEA R&D Group

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Richard Marks is a Senior Researcher for Sony Computer Entertainment
America’s Research & Development group. Inspired in 1999 by the
unveiling of PlayStation 2, he joined PlayStation R&D to investigate
the use of live video input for gaming and develop new interactive
user experiences.   

Since joining SCEA, Marks developed the technology for the
EyeToy camera, working closely with the Sony London Studio. He later
helped create the PlayStation Eye camera and a computer vision SDK
for the PlayStation 3. Concurrently, he explored the use of 3D
cameras and the new experiences they could enable. Most recently,
Marks has helped develop the new motion controller, PlayStation
Move, which combines both visual and inertial sensing to enable 3D
Marks received a Bachelor of Science in Avionics from Massachusetts
Institute of Technology and a doctorate in the field of underwater
robotics from Stanford University.