Adam Sessler

Adam Sessler

Host �X-Play� and Editor-in-Chief

Adam Sessler is a respected veteran of the gaming industry and the Editor-In-Chief of Games Content for the G4 Network, as well as the talented Host of G4�s "X-Play," the most watched videogame series on television.�Each night, Adam delivers in-depth reviews, exclusive sneak peeks, breaking news and compelling interviews with the biggest names in the videogame industry. A knowledgeable and high-energy host, Adam excels at making sense of videogame-related issues for the non-gaming public.� Adam has been in front of the camera as a host of video game television shows and been a video game journalist for over ten years.

Known for his outspoken and articulate views on videogames and the industry as a whole, Adam�s opinion is valued by both game companies and game players.� He was named one of the top 50 games journalists by Next Generation Magazine in 2006 and regularly lends his expertise to CNN, MSNBC, AP, KROQ, ABC Radio and a broad range of videogame media across all platforms.

In addition to his on-air presence, Sessler also hosts �Sessler's Soapbox,� a weekly, script-less web series, where he tackles the latest and some of the most controversial issues in the industry, as well as being the moderator for �Feedback,� a weekly roundtable show �on gaming. Both shows are available on

Adam is originally from Berkeley, California and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife.

�X-Play� airs nightly at 6:30pm ET/PT, only on G4.