Geoffrey Zatkin

Geoffrey Zatkin

President and COO


Mr. Geoffrey Zatkin serves as President and Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR).  Recognized by Forbes magazine as #15 of America’s Most Promising Companies, EEDAR is a business intelligence company that empowers investors, publishers and developers to make informed decisions about the video games they are creating and the capital spent to produce them. 


Co-founding the company in 2006, Mr. Zatkin oversees EEDAR's research services and product development including GamePulse�, the leading business intelligence and market research service for the video game industry, and DesignMetrics�, a suite of diligence and analytic services for in-development game titles.


In addition to his work with EEDAR, Mr. Zatkin has over a decade's worth of video game industry experience, having performed in senior design roles for both international corporate entertainment conglomerates and independent development studios.


Mr. Zatkin specializes in game design and emerging technology trends for the video game industry, with a particular emphasis on massively multiplayer games, feature categorization and feature trending.


Mr. Zatkin has a background is in psychology, video games and pop culture, and is currently living in San Diego with his wife and two cats.